Hi! I’m Tessa & I make workouts for normal people.



Hi, I’m Tessa and I make workouts for normal people.



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Why I'm here

I’ve been active my entire life, yet never felt happy with my results. I subscribed to the diet culture, starving my way through my early 20’s hoping to achieve the standard of beauty at that time. I spent hours upon hours in the gym, obsessed with burning calories and completely ignoring how exhausted and undernourished I felt. Even though I experienced brief moments of “success,” I soon found that lifestyle to be completely unsustainable. 

It wasn’t until I shifted my mindset away from looking a specific way into feeling a certain way—strong, energetic, flexible, controlled, powerful— when I began experiencing what it's really like to live a healthy life.

Turns out... that's when real change happens.

More about me

"Group fitness was never really my thing. But Tessa's workouts changed that! I loved the accountability and the convenience of working out at home. The workouts were challenging, but I always felt like I could do it. I feel so much stronger and saw such a difference in how I felt each day. Tessa is an awesome leader. Worth every penny and all the sweat!"

- Kathryn S.

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