Hi, I’m Tessa and I make workouts for normal people.

Hi I'm Tessa + I like to keep it real. 


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Why I'm here


As someone who has been active their entire life, I understand the struggle of not feeling happy with your body. For a long time, I spent hours upon hours in the gym, obsessed with burning calories and completely ignoring how exhausted and undernourished I felt. 

I subscribed to diet culture, starving my way through my 20’s hoping to achieve the standard of beauty at that time. While I experienced brief moments of “success” on the outside, I felt completely fatigued on the inside. 

However, five years ago I made a shift in my mindset. Instead of focusing on a specific physical appearance, I began to focus on how I wanted to feel: strong, energetic, flexible, controlled, and powerful. This shift changed everything.

I began to experience what it truly means to live a healthy life, and realized that this is where real change happens.

My method of living a healthy lifestyle is not about restriction or deprivation. Instead, it's about finding joy in movement and nourishing my body well. It's about listening to my body's needs and giving it what it needs to feel its best.

I've learned that true health and happiness comes from within, and my hope is to inspire others to make the same shift towards a healthier, more fulfilling life.


More about me

"I love the accountability and the convenience of working out at home. The workouts are challenging, but I always feel like I can do it. I feel so much stronger and see such a difference in how I feel each day. Tessa is an awesome leader. Worth every penny and all the sweat!"

- Kathryn S.

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